Adult school of the chathams madison and florham

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Adult school of the chathams madison and florham

Our courses are open to everyone, resident or not, with an interest in broadening horizons, obtaining new skills and furthering education.

Our instructors are authors, computer programmers, teachers, chefs, therapists, doctors, artists and business people who come to share their knowledge and training simply because they love what they do.

The Adult School, under the guidance of Bryant Associates, LLC, recently completed the strategic planning process to examine its mission and vision and to develop a plan for stabilization and growth.

The resulting vision and mission statements were developed to articulate the work of The Adult School and its desired impact on the community it serves: VISION: The Adult School of the Chathams, Madison & Florham Park exists to build a vibrant community that pursues and supports lifelong learning opportunities accessible to everyone - all bound by the common belief that continuous education is vital to self-actualization, personal achievement, physical and emotional well-being, and civic engagement.

A variety of facilities are used including the schools in each of the three districts.

We are grateful to the local Boards of Education for providing the school facilities.

Over the past 4 years The Adult School has successfully supported over 15,000 adult learners.We provide the tools necessary for these pursuits - and to proclaim yourself a life-long learner!Current students: Please direct questions about your lessons, quizzes, assignments, and other course materials to your instructor or course administrator.The Adult School of the Chathams, Madison and Florham Park is currently seeking qualified candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees.Candidates must have a strong interest in lifelong learning, be willing to serve in a volunteer capacity and be able to attend 8 - 10 evening board meetings per year.

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