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Albury dating services

The two books, one of 450 pages, the Great Domesday, and the other of 382 pages, The Little Domesday, were on parchment and bound in thick wooden covers secured with brass plates.

In 1395 William Prophete, thought to be a relative of John and Philip, supplied stone from the Merstham quarries for the building of Henry VII's Chapel in Westminster Abbey.

In AD 820 two alternative spellings are also shown as 'Mastam' and 'Mastahaem', and a further ninth century spelling during the reign of Edward the Confessor is 'Mersetham'.

The Domesday Survey of AD 1086 simplifies this to 'Merstan' In the twelfth century two spellings are given, namely 'Mesteham' and 'Merstham' - mear or mere, meaning pool, and meare meaning boundary.

The spelling for Merstham has varied throughout the ages.

In AD 947 the record shows that the Charter of Eadred or Edwy grants Theyn Oswig twenty hides (a hide was roughly one hundred acres) in 'Mearsoetham', the name meaning literally 'dwelling of the people of the marsh'.

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