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The extra heel width of the Short Walking Cast makes the boot more stable and allows for more surface contact.

The walking cast boot comes with a seamless, breathable contoured liner that helps wick away moisture for additional comfort.

Its taller profile provides more support than the lower height foot and ankle boot.

The Stabilizer Air Walker Standard Tall Foot and Ankle Support Boot, which is ideal for treating ankle sprains, is also less likely to irritate the shin area.

United Ortho The Short Walking Cast Boot helps support and immobilize the wearer's foot and ankle.

The walking cast has a steel reinforced rocker bottom that allows the wearer to walk more naturally.

The well-crafted design allows the person to have a cushioned sole for greater energy absorption without being uncomfortable when wearing the Aero Walker. Advanced Orthopaedics Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, the Shoebaum Air Cam Walking Cast Boot received an international patent for its advancements in orthopedic immobilization.

Immobilizers are commonly used to promote compression and time for injuries to heal without added stress.

The Tall Walking Cast Boot has a padded insole and a contoured, breathable, moisture-wicking seamless liner.

The Shoebaum® has gone above that with its innovative design.

This immobilizer gives the user the ability to have a normalized gait with its Three Module Shock Absorbing system, reducing the patient's need for crutches.

An integrated pneumatic single-bladder air system helps cushion the walking boot cast, provides support, and helps it fit properly. The steel-reinforced rocker bottom allows the wearer to walk more naturally, and the extra-wide heel provides more surface contact and better stability while walking.

The Short Air Walking Cast has a breathable, contoured, seamless liner that helps wick moisture away.

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Because many of the muscles that attach into the metatarsal region start in the leg, this boot limits motion of the foot by immobilizing those muscles.

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