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Cla dating 76726

Venezuela: near Buena\'ista and Los Teques, HBK., Nov. Venezuela: Cumana, Loefling, Reise nach den spanischen Landern, p. Reclining on low shrubs of the mountain top, abundant; flowers pink. 632.— South Hill, El Valle, Miller & Johnstoti, no. Further distribution, Jamaica to Trinidad, also in Chili. 4, July 31, abundant on the low plains near the sea; Pt.

86; Tortuga and Los Roques, Ernst; near La Guaira, Fendler, no.

230.— Juan Griego, Ernst; El Valle, Miller & Johnston, no.

This species was seen as a much-branched specimen on the dry roadside and as few-branched specimens on the shores of the Juan Griego pond.

902 (1753).— Santa Ana, Ernst; El Valle, Miller & Johnston, no. Widely distributed in temperate and tropical countries.

653, 1854-55; La Guaira, Robinson & Lyon, July 12, 1900.

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