Dating advice on oregon

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would like nothing more than to have more senior female executives, but not all females are willing to give up what it might take to get there." These sex differences in ambition make evolutionary sense.Because women evolved to prioritize finding high-status "providers," mate-seeking men evolved to duke it out to occupy the spot of Ye Olde Big Man On Campus.As an example, she profiles "Donna," who quit her prestigious job as a tenured professor in a computer science department for a lower-status job (tutoring faculty at another university) that allowed her more one-on-one engagement with people.

THIS is the advice you want when you’re floored by something a man says or does, and you’re frozen to the spot because you’re afraid of making the wrong move and pushing him away.Sure, these days, mover-and-shaker men typically seek women on a par with them in intellect and education.However, men are still vastly more likely than women to date the hot barista — probably because, over evolutionary history, men evolved to prioritize signs of health and fertility in women (or, to put it another way: "Ye Olde Big Perky Breastesses").Trip Check information is also available via Twitter. Travelers in Oregon can dial 511 to access the same immediate road and weather information available on Trip Check. Use Trip Check TV to create a custom display of road condition information and camera images.

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I'm a 32-year-old woman with a really intense job that I love.