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Dating omega pocket watch

When the Bond tie in hit the cinema screens, sales of the Seamaster soared.

This association was an enormous commercial success for Omega and it still continues today.

We are actually great fans of quartz watches, but our enthusiasm for them stems from their superiority as items to be used on a daily basis rather than from their potential to rise in worth.

A restored dial, this innocuous sounding term actually meaning a dial that has been stripped back to bare metal and refinished, is inexcusable on a relatively recent watch like this one.

While the Bond connection is obviously a glamorous one, the fact remains that these pre-Bond Seamaster 200s are much rarer watches that were sold in far smaller quantities when new.

We believe that they have the potential to rise in value to a greater extent than the ubiquitous James Bond versions that came immediately after them.

Dating from 1989, this well preserved gentleman’s Omega Seamaster 200 is a very good example of a high quality vintage watch with genuine historical significance that can be bought for a very small amount of money.

Models like this one can credibly be considered as among the best choices for investment, simply because at present, they are largely overlooked by the majority of collectors who tend to focus on much earlier items.

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Also inside the case back is the easily overlooked code maker’s mark of Louis Lang SA of Neuve 8, 2900 Porrentruy.