Dating your best friend tumblr

Posted by / 29-Oct-2017 11:50

Dating your best friend tumblr

The person you are in front of your boss, your professors, or your co-workers just isn’t the same person you are with your best friend.

In front of non-best friends, your behavior is (mostly) socially acceptable.

And I’m not talking about the "being yourself" by not wearing makeup kind of being yourself.

I’m talking about the deeply personal, borderline unacceptable, strange things you do when you’re all by yourself.

Your BFF won’t even bat an eye, and will just keep talking about the environment and tacos. Grooming yourself is usually a private event, but if you and your friend both have frizzy hair and some extra time, there is no reason you can’t get glammed up together. It takes a very special bond to ask someone if there is a piece of broccoli or rice lodged between your two front teeth, but an even more special bond to lodge it there on purpose. You can proudly point out to her how you’ve gone five days without washing your hair. If you do this with anyone else, they might get grossed out. You order a ton of food when you know she’s coming over because you’ll "share" it. You don’t even need to profusely blush or pretend it wasn’t’ve talked about pooping. Let’s stop pretending it isn’t.**You both complain about your periods very descriptively.

That’s the stuff you do in front of your best friend.

Here are 21 ways you know someone is really your bestie: You’ve randomly changed out of your t-shirt in front of her...

You had drawn your attention to him where you caught him looking you up and down.

You heard Zayn and your brother come from the kitchen to the living room to sit down.

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"Yeah." he said rubbing the back of his back with one of his hands. I know this might be out of nowhere want to go out sometime? "I'd love too." Zayn: You had come home from work to see your twin brother and his Bestfriend sitting on the couch playing video games. You grabbed your phone out of your hoodie and got on tumblr.