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Don’t add a status message (and if you do, don’t add personal information. Another plus for Oo Voo is a privacy option where you can specify how and if people can find you on Oo Voo.

You can note the theme here: don’t put your personal and private information in the profile! You can choose either “Anyone”, “People who know my email address or oo Voo ID”, or “Nobody”.

There is premium option for the mobile app, .99 a year to remove ads.

There have been no serious zero day bugs or any other type of malware associated with Facetime.

The problem with the program comes from the same problem that you have with any other software of this type.

Unlike Kik, Oo Voo doesn’t have the built-in features like sending You Tube videos or playing games. These are some of the reasons that I don’t have too much of a problem with Oo Voo – as long as kids remember privacy and safety.1. Create a username that doesn’t include your last name.3.

Use a profile picture that doesn’t give away where you live (hey kids, don’t take a picture in front of your school! Same with the profile video (a video status messages called an “oo Vie”). Or, just use one of the generic videos that come with Oo Voo.5.

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Once it is at that point then you really start to see if there are any problems with the device or not.

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