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Guy rupert berryman dating

“Mi ero iscritto alla facoltà di Ingegneria Meccanica allo University College di Londra”, racconta Berryman.

“Ero convinto che quella sarebbe stata la mia vita, la musica era un hobby importante, ma pur sempre un hobby. Invece è successo che al College Guy abbia incontrato Chris Martin, Will Champion e Jonny Buckland e assieme a loro abbia formato i Coldplay, una delle band più famose degli anni Duemila. Un amore ereditato dal padre Rupert, uno degli ingegneri che ha lavorato nella colossale opera del tunnel sotto la Manica e che ha sempre avuto un’altra passione: quella per le auto d’epoca.

0 invested at 7% interest for 100 years will become 0,000, at which time it will be worth absolutely nothing.

— Lazarus Long, “Time Enough for Love”(1) Always hire a rich attorney(2) Never buy from a rich salesman.

— Bill Gates, 1981A “No” uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a “Yes” merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.

— Goldenstern’s Rules(1) Anyone can make a decision given enough facts.(2) A good manager can make a decision without enough facts.(3) A perfect manager can operate in perfect ignorance.(1) Everything depends.(2) Nothing is always.(3) Everything is sometimes.(1) If it’s green or it wiggles, it’s biology.(2) If it stinks, it’s chemistry.(3) If it doesn’t work, it’s physics.(1) If you like it, they don’t have it in your size.(2) If you like it and it’s in your size, it doesn’t fit anyway.(4) If you like it and it fits, you can’t afford it.(5) If you like it, it fits and you can afford it, it falls apart the first time you wear it.(1) Never draw what you can copy.(2) Never copy what you can trace.(3) Never trace what you can cut out and paste down.(1) The telephone will ring when you are outside the door, fumbling for your keys.(2) You will reach it just in time to hear the click of the caller hanging up.(1) Things will get worse before they get better.(2) Who said things would get better?

— Ehrman’s Commentary42: The answer to life, the universe, and everything.

A Mormon is a man that has the bad taste and the religion to do what a good many other people are restrained from doing by conscientious scruples and the police. Dooley A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place.

And the letters APFEAEIIP spell ‘good housekeeping’ in Fijiian.

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È il sogno di tutti: far diventare la propria passione un lavoro.

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