K9 dating

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K9 dating

I’m married and my husband’s kink was watching black men fuck me.

He started by having his best friend, who is black, seduce me. He never gave me any hint that this is what he wanted.

So I would only date a guy for a few weeks to a month depending. I will not go into detail on our meeting for although it is an important point in my life, it is not the point of the story I’m telling.

At first my husband was delighted with Robert and how he took charge of me so quickly.

I don’t claim to understand it all, but hubby was happy, his friend was very happy and I was still getting fucked silly so I was happy.

All good things must come to an end or so they say.

I didn’t care because I was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

Then hubby began to enjoy watching and jacking off more and more and of course his friend was more than happy to do most of the fucking.

She inserts multiple objects into her pee-hole, gapes and prolapses her asshole and pussy, gets needle-tortured, inserts enormous objects, gets fisted, hangs from her tits, lactates, and vacuum pumps her pussy and clit.The same night he took me, willingly is the same night I discovered that it was my husband’s plan all the long.To my amazement it wasn’t a one time thing, but he wanted me to continue to have a relationship with his best friend.At first they had me in a threesome which I rather like a lot.It seems like they competed with themselves to see who could make me cum louder, harder and more often (I am a multi orgasmic girl).

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