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Just believe in yourself that you can attract her on your own, without the assistance of coworkers.

If a guy doesn’t make the woman feel attracted first and then goes around telling people, Instead, she will usually deny having any feelings for him and may even laugh with people behind his back, so she can “save face” and not appear as though she is interested in a guy like him.

If you want to flirt with a woman at work, you must ensure that she feels attracted to you first.

For example: Begin by attracting her with your confidence, charisma and by using humor in some of your interactions.

Then, if you attend after work drinks together or invite her out for a drink 1-on-1 on a Friday night after work, she will be keen to finally release the sexual tension with kissing and sex.

In Winterfell, Arya watches Sansa placate the Northern Lords as they complain about Jon – and finds Sansa not protective enough of her brother.Gilly discovers in one of the citadel’s dusty old books that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen’s marriage in Dorne (presumably to his Dornish wife, Elia Martell) was annulled and he was remarried – possibly to Lyanna Stark.We know that Jon is actually Rhaegar’s son with Lyanna Stark - if Jon was their the useful information in. Finally, Jon visits the Wall where he is reunited with the Wildlings.If this female coworker only likes you as a person, that is not the same as her feeling sexual attraction for you.If she isn’t interested in you in a sexual way, she won’t be interested in flirting with you.

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Drogon and Jon’s eyes meet across an uncrowded hillside. It looks like Jorah has won the battle – but Jon will win the war.

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