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I will always be proud of Massapequa and miss it very much (but don't miss the snow). I miss the food, All American hamburgers, the local pizza and Chinese restaurants, the ice cream shop on Broadway near the train tracks... My friend and I lied about our height so we could stand next to each other in Mixed Chorus, Girls Choir and Acapella Choir. I laughed every time someone would ask for a tissue. Then we all got together to unload the trucks when they came in. Monkey Mountain, at the zoo, was the highlight of any visit. Moved away from Long Island to another state and married. I try to visit when I can and catch up with some old friends and family. She got some kind of discount or something for saving receipts. I never had any of the teachers mentioned so far, but I did have Mr Holdridge in Berner HS. " I sold cases of oranges ad grapefruit until I saw them in my dreams! I remember buying Comics and balsa wood planes there and people having ice cream sodas at the counter.I would of never guess that 20 years or so I was gonna leave, but I have made a new home. So if anyone is from class of 1975 and you are still living either on your old street or still in Massapequa some where... When my family moved to Old Westbury, in 1970, Mrs. The diner at the outdoor mall, was great place for any kid to visit because of the ever interesting, wallpaper of dogs playing poker. Unfortunately she never read your letter as she passed away Dec. My artistic talent was not award worthy, but I had a good time. Some of our favorite places to name a few were: Tastee Bakery, we used to go there after Church on Sunday's and get Kaiser Rolls, salt sticks and buns for breakfast. We also used to go to Zornes Poultry and get chicken, potato salad and coleslaw for a treat. I went into the Air Force after school, got married a couple of times and the rest is history. I'm sure no one else is interested in my life story. Some time before the supermarket across from John J Burns Park became Hills it was called Dilbert's.And I am proud of it because where I live now, everyone knows I am from up north... Even Massapequa has a lot of famous men and women, like Steve Guttenberg and Jerry Seinfeld... I could also hear her coming because she always wore the kind of dress that made a wooosh sound when she walked down the hall. In Harbor Green, there was always a roaming gang of wild kids playing on the streets, running through neighbor's backyards, playing at construction sites; and having fun on the beach.So that is something to talk about around the water cooler here where I live. On Riviera Drive, there was always a group of kids playing outside. She enjoyed the stories about my personal rebellion against authority figures at the school.

& of course the Hawthorn School song This is in response to Bob (7/21/17). What greater dream could a bored and ready to get out senior in high school have than to arrive at school on a beautiful spring day and find out classes are cancelled until further notice due to a teacher strike!!! Stopped at the massapequa diner to show my wife Long Island diner food. We had two gym teachers, Miss Tulley and Mr Ceily who got married to each other while I was a student there. Within these halls of learning, our glad young voices ring. She taught us the symphonette and from that I went on to play the clarinet and was in the band all the way through high school. Last time back in mass was three hrs ago maybe on a trip somewhere else. I started kindergarten at Hawthorne elementary in 1958. We all had to learn to play the symphonette, a flute-like instrument that ( I think) her husband may have invented??? My kindergarten teacher was Miss Curtain and the art teacher was Miss Walshmock. We join our hands in friendship beneath the gold and blue. Rae Hansen took over for the remainder of the year." and if the answer was "yes" I knew that I was not really going to be ill. We live in a different state now but he knows all about my memories of Massapequa Park...I didn't appreciate them, of course, when I was growing up but, now that I am a Medicare card-carrying senior, my childhood and my early memories are so sweet.

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It is messages like yours that make this website such a gem. I grew up in Massapequa Park, so most of my early childhood memories are from there, but I do have memories of Harbor Green, Pizza Supreme (the best pizza), All American, and Carvel, as my older sister had friends from there. I remember the night the farmer's market burned, I remember the excitement surrounding the opening of Pequa Bowl, and have fond memories of playing in Tackapusha park with my friends that also live in the apartments over their parent's stores.