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Maplewood is a place that allows time for a little poetic reflection.Here's ours: It's an early morning mist kissing the surrounding meadows, bunnies zigzagging in the field, the perfume of flowering magnolias, heirloom roses, honeysuckle, night-blooming jasmine and old-fashioned moonflower vine.SINER, George, 15 Oct., 1908, M-C, 29 years, married, died Wayne Co., Tenn., born Wayne Co., Tenn.SHULL, Bettie, 21 Apr., 1909, F-W, 62 years, widow, died Wayne Co., Tenn., born Hardin Co., Tenn.

The headings at the top of each page are Name of Deceased, Date of Death, Sex, Color, Age, Married or Single, Place of Death, Cause of Death, lace of Birth, Occupation, Name of Physician Last in Attendance, Name of J. BURTRAM, Bob, 4 Dec., 1909, M-W 43 M died County Asylum, born Wayne Co., Tenn.

It's fireflies, chipmunks, sun-loving lizards and rocking chairs on the porch of a grand, old, in-the-country farmhouse Bar Drinks, Cakes Desserts, Destination Wedding Packages, Destination Wedding Planning, Destination Weddings, Food Catering, Planning, Rentals Equipment, Service Staff, Shuttle Service, Transportation Brian Harris and Gina Skelton are both 50ish and decided to start on a new adventure together.

Gina has been working with parties and weddings for over 10yrs and she also owns and manages an antique store.

RAY, _____, 24 May, 1909, F-W, 1 hour, infant, died Wayne Co., Tenn., born Wayne Co., Tenn.

SPARKMAN, Roscoe, 27 June, 1909, M-W, 5 months, single, died Wayne Co., Tenn., born Decatur Co., Tenn.

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