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Singer dating serial number

Matt dressed down for the evening, choosing a mustard plaid shirt, tapered jeans and athletic shoes. The handsome musician is currently a judge on the county's installment of The Voice, and also won their version of Dancing With the Stars in 2011.Last October, he released his seventh album, My Way, which hit number one on the French charts during its first week.At my age, I was looking for a companion - a permanent friendship."Then I met Sue and she seemed to be the sort of woman that I could settle down with. I really believed our relationship had a very good chance."Some friends warned him not to be so hasty, but in September 2005 - just three months after they had first met - Stuart blurted out a proposal. "I asked her because I thought that was what she wanted."We were having some problems, and I thought that getting married would virtually eliminate those."As Susan squealed with joy and embraced her new husband-to-be, it must have appeared that all their problems were indeed over.But a few days later, Stuart had another suggestion.But by the time Susan Sangster giggled and trilled her way through their first meal together, Stuart Crossley was on the lookout for a permanent partner.He says: "I had been living alone for five or six years, and although I was good friends with the two mothers of my children, and I had four kids that I adored, I didn't want to find a new girlfriend every 12 months.Since then, with a total of £18million from her wealthy ex-husbands, Susan Sangster has divided her time between a £6.2million flat in Belgravia and a home in Barbados.Meanwhile, life for Stuart Crossley was more of a struggle.

The story of how they married and broke up, and how Susan fought to have their pre-nuptial agreement overturned to give her a claim to some of Stuart's £45million fortune has made headline news and left London society aghast.So when he turned to his girlfriend of just four months one heady evening in September 2005 and blurted out a proposal, it was completely out of character.But that single spur-of-the-moment decision was to have major repercussions not just on his personal life and mental health, but also for the entire legal profession.An only child, he had to leave school at 16 and help his mother run her village grocery shop after his father died.He went to night school, then trained as a lawyer - only selling the family shop once he had qualified.

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In April, she was reportedly dating New York Jets player Brandon Wilds.

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