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Speed dating in modesto california

A former employee reports things fell off of shelves without explanation, their hair was pulled and their shoulder grabbed by an unseen force, they saw a floating head atop a freezer in the lower level bakery, one of the other coworkers entered the restroom and the faucet turned on by itself and the toilet flushed, while searching for the light switch on her first day working, the lights mysteriously turned on by themselves, while setting tables all the dinner forks had been turned on their sides, one night a woman working stepped inside the cooler and when she walked back out all the chairs had been pulled out from under the tables.According to past stories from previous owners there are three ghosts. The woman is the only one to ever have been seen and seems to be the one most often heard/sensed by anyone.The Lady of the Lake - Believed to be haunted by Margaret Hersh Robertson. Every morning, as was known by many lake residents, Margaret would swim out to the island. She has been sighted numerous times, after her passing, swimming seemingly along side a startled couple in a canoe.

a lady and her daughter went out on a small boat ride while the other girl scouts were sleeping.

It was reported that he jumped off the bridge into the shallow creek and died.

Joggers have reported that while they are running in the early morning or late at night, they can hear a shallow yell or scream along with a splash.

It is said that back in the 60's two parents killed their three children in the house.

Also, as recently as the early 90's, an old Indian man died in the house alone while praying to a religious alter.

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The story is told that in the 1970s at the boat tower. Every night the mother would drive her car out there and would look for her kids.

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