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Vegas sex chat room

They take a deposit when you order and the balance when the doll has been manufactured. ), OV Doll use soft elastomer (TPE) over an articulated solid metal skeleton allowing the dolls to be fully posable.Some of the best technology, and some of the best custom sex dolls on the market today. https:// aren’t fully customizable, but the dolls from Silicon Wives are about as high quality and realistic as you’re going to find.They ship internationally and don’t send the doll until you have seen a ‘proof’ which you are happy with.Sexy Sex Dolls has some good customer feedback and product reviews as well as offering a good after-care support service including Live Chat on their website.However, they do offer a custom head making service for an extra 00 on top of the basic cost of 00-00 to fully mold and create a head based on exacting specifications.Simply send images of who you would like the head modeled on and they do the rest.The company also sells a range of body parts should you simply require a realistic torso or vagina and ass.

And so, we get down to the important question of what kind of fun can you have with your sex doll?

The design of all sex toys has advanced in the last thirty years with new materials, creative customisation and advanced technology bringing more pleasure in the bedroom than ever before.

And the world of sex dolls is no different with manufacturers providing the ultimate in realistic sex dolls at budgets that can be more affordable than you’d think.

Many of these toys are not full dolls, in that they are realistic torsos, vaginas, asses and mouthes… You can help yourself to a 0 discount by entering the code ‘OVDOLL’ at the checkout with free international shipping.

but not the For those of you looking for fully personalised options, here are the top services we’d recommend: https:// Looking to design your own sex doll? With a simple custom designing process, the OV Doll comes in a range of 9 heights, A to E cup breast size as well as offering choices in eye, hair and skin color, pubic hair style and heads. Prices range from 0 to ,399 with some options (such as self-heating or standing feet) having an extra charge. Despatch is within 10 days and you can expect to take delivery of your customised sex doll within 3 weeks of order placement.

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In this guide, we look at the various options you have when it comes to customising your own sex doll and just how realistic they are.